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Locking behaviour

The default behaviour of a FullTextIndex instance is for thread safety to be enabled. This is implemented in such a way as to allow simultaneous reading, but exclusive writing from different threads.

This locking mechanism is implemented by the Lifti.Locking.LockManager class, which implements Lifti.Locking.ILockManager. The FullTextIndex class has a reference to its own lock manager, stored against its LockManager property.

Typically you will not need to interact with this directly, however if:
  • you are operating in a single threaded environment
  • or you can guarantee that all interactions with the index will occur on the same thread
  • or you will only ever be reading from the index
then in any of the above situations you can slightly improve performance by disabling locking, by settingfullTextIndex.LockManager.IsEnabled = false.

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