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Not possible to search for words with special characters (e.g. words with german 'Umlauts')


is it possible to index and search for words containing special characters (e.g. german 'Umlauts') ?
My first tests were negative (with words containing ö Ö ä Ä ü Ü ß ....).
Thanks for your great work. Lifti is a fantastic lightweight search tool. I really like it!
Best regards,
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MikeGoatly wrote Jun 1, 2011 at 4:31 PM

Hi Axel, thanks for raising the issue!

I actually have a feeling I've fixed this while I was doing the transactional work - I noticed that these sorts of characters weren't properly indexing. You can verify this for yourself if you want to - it's in the transactional work branch. (Don't feel obliged to do this though!)

Your issue actually raises another interesting point though: would you want searching to be accent sensitive or accent insensitive? E.g. should searching for gerat return gerat and gerät (accent insensitive) or just gerat (accent sensitive)? My gut feeling is that it should probably be an option when the index is constructed, but I'd need to spend a bit of time thinking about any impact that this has on persisted indexes. I'll raise accent sensitivity as a separate issue for now.

I'm hoping to get an updated version will the persisted backing store (with transactional support) out in the next couple of weeks - this should include the fixes for indexing and searching for special characters like this.

Thanks again for raising the issue and providing feedback - it's really helpful!

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